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Our Offerings:

Serizon Scotsman V2

Serizon Scotsman is a package that can make your plant run more smoothly. Think of it as a kind of auto-pilot, but for industrial plants.

Serizon StateRecorder

StateRecorder is a package that logs real-time data infrastructure so that you can make informed decisions about how you might maximize asset performance. It's like PI (if you've heard of that), but cheaper. Data can be viewed many ways. StateRecorder interacts with Microsoft Office, ERP Systems, and Business Intelligence systems.

Custom Engineering

Sometimes, the control system installed isn't quite what you need. We offer custom modifications to your existing control system, both at the HMI and PLC level, to add that feature you need.

Custom Reporting

We offer custom reporting solutions for any of your plant requirements. If you can imagine the type of report you would like, we can make it, using either your existing database, or we can set one up for you.

Client Representation

If you're thinking of doing an upgrade to your system, but aren't quite sure about what is needed on you project. Serizon can act as a representative for your company ensuring you get exactly what it is that you need and at the best price.