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Past Projects.

Santos Emergency Shutdown Redesign, Ballera, QLD, Australia

Performed Analysis, and redesign of complete emergency shut down system for the Ballera Plant. This comprised of reprogramming 3 triple-modular-redundant TRICONEX PLCs. Due to the remote location of the plant (lack of manpower), and the requirement that all emergency tests be verified, additional custom software was written to automatically verify the state of 274 valves and 360 motor drives that were involved in the 120 tests. Zero errors were detected.

Lihir Gold Mine, Lihir, Papua New Guinea

Electrical Feasability and design of a duplicate gold mine located adjacent to the original to double Capacity.

Region of Durham Water Treatment, ON, Canada

Electrical design and programming of Incinerators #1 and #2 (Sewage Sludge fluidized bed incinerator) using GE Fanuc 90-30 PLCs & Wonderware HMIs. Reporting system on Key Performance indicators with Crystal Reports.

Grays Harbor Paper, Hoquiam, WA

Full Implementation of Scotsman control enhancement package on multi-boiler pulp and paper manufacturing facility.

Lyonsdale Biomass LLC, Lyons Falls, NY

Implemented Trial Basis Scotsman control enhancement package to alleviate CO emissions problems this electric utility was experiencing when loaded. In less than one week of initial commissioning, the plant was running at full load, supplying additional steam to a neighbor company, and was within their CO allowance. Full Implementation pending.

Indeck Alexandria LLC, Alexandria, NH

Implemented Trial Basis Scotsman control enhancement package to alleviate CO and NOX emissions for this biomass electric utility. Within two weeks CO problem was solved, and with slight mechanical modification NOX problems problems were able to be fixed too. Full Implementation pending.